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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done Pilates before. Is it OK to start classes as a complete beginner?

YES! We have our Reformer Classic classes that are suitable for beginners. Our Prenatal and Mums & Babies classes are also suitable for beginners.

I have an injury or pre-existing condition, can I still attend classes?

That depends. You MUST inform us and our instructors of any injury, illness, discomfort or if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. We will determine the safety of you attending the class and we may ask you to get medical clearance before you attend. All clients MUST complete and sign our Waiver and Release Form and Terms and Conditions before commencing classes at our studio.

Can men or children attend the studio?

YES. Any gender is welcome to attend our group classes, and children may start classes from the age of 14yrs with a parent or guardian’s permission and attendance during class..

I am pregnant. How long can I attend regular group classes before I need to move to Prenatal classes?

Pregnant clients can attend normal Reformer Classic classes up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. After this they will need to move to the Prenatal classes for the safety of the individual as certain exercises in our group classes will not be safe. Our Prenatal class exercises are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

When can I return to normal group classes or Mum’s & Babies classes once I have given birth?

Generally 6 weeks post birth you will be okay to commence regular group classes again (Reformer Classic or Mum’s & Babies Classes), provided you had a complication free birth and you have had clearance from your obstetrician or midwife/health professional. For C-Section births, we recommend from 8 weeks and medical clearance to commence classes.

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