About Haven Pilates

Our Pilates studio is a place to reconnect with your body and gain strength, control, alignment, balance and flexibility.

Haven Pilates is a small boutique Pilates reformer studio in the heart of Camden. We provide a beautiful relaxing space to escape the busy day, with each class focusing on movement and correct form.

We take pride in our supportive and inclusive community. Our instructors are experienced, caring, considerate and patient, and our classes are filled with welcoming people from all fitness levels and all walks of life.  Any age, gender, and religion are welcome.

No ego or judgement - just fun and positivity in each class. You will leave each class with a spring in your step. Your body will feel better.  You will see changes quickly.
“I started Pilates in 2011 when I finally decided to do something about my terrible back pain after hearing about the benefits of Pilates practice. I experienced amazing results and have continued with regular sessions to this day. 

Pilates has helped me through my pregnancies and recovery, and I am stronger than I have ever been which helps me keep up with my three active young boys! 

After falling in love with Pilates and how it had changed my life, I decided to become an instructor and change shift from my long career in magazine publishing and digital media. The rest is history."
Hannah Calgaro-Booth
Owner / Instructor
Olive branch right leaning haven pilates studio camden


"To help people of all ages and fitness levels gain strength, control and confidence"

What is Pilates?

Developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, the method focuses on controlled movement of the whole body through specific exercises to achieve strength, alignment and flexibility. 

Pilates increases core strength, improves posture and balance, lengthens the body, and encourages optimum breathing patterns.

The Pilates reformer is one piece of apparatus that Joseph Pilates created that uses springs for assistance and resistance when working through specific Pilates exercises. 

Pilates reformer classes provide a full body workout that target both the major and minor muscles of the body.
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